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Pressurised Hot Water Cylinders

At B Palmer we work with pressurised hot water cylinders across Gloucestershire. For more, call today on 07704 401835.

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Pressurised Hot Water Cylinders in Wotton under Edge

An unvented hot water system has a high-efficiency pressurised cylinder which is fed directly from the cold water main supply. It is very efficient at delivering high pressure fast running hot water to all taps and showers throughout the property. Unvented hot water systems exceed the Energy Efficiency Partnerships ‘Best Practice’ for recovery times and insulation levels which means that the system heats up quicker. This is more efficient at retaining the water temperature.

Another benefit with an unvented hot water system is that it does not require a water tank in the loft, so this can be removed leaving extra storage space. This also makes an unvented hot water system more hygienic. An unvented hot water cylinder can also be placed anywhere in the home and does not need to be in the airing cupboard. The unvented cylinder can be installed in the garage. Other benefits of an unvented hot water system are as follows: powerful showers and fast flowing taps, booster or shower pumps not required, faster recovery, more energy-efficient water, heating and longer retention of water temperature.

At B Palmer we work with pressurised hot water cylinders across Gloucestershire. For more, call today on 07704 401835.

Servicing the System

Servicing of an unvented hot water storage system is essential and will include the following: inspection for signs of wear or damage, checks to see whether correct manufacturer’s parts are fitted, testing of temperature and pressure relief valves, removal of the line strainer and cleaning of the filter, checking of the expansion vessel pressure and setting of the correct incoming water pressure.

Water heaters are safe to use if installed and maintained correctly. They incorporate three levels of safety:

  1. Thermostat preventing water being heated above 60-65 degrees
  2. High level cut-out to operate when water temperature reaches 80-85 degrees due to thermostat failure
  3. Temperature and pressure relief valve operating if both other safety features fail and water temperature reaches 90-95 degrees

Additionally, unvented water systems incorporate a pressure relief valve operating at 6-7 bar. If these safety features are missing, or have become faulty, then there is a risk of the water overheating and pressure building in the water storage tank.

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If you are based in Wotton under Edge, Stroud or Gloucestershire and would like more details, call us on 07704 401835. We work with pressurised hot water cylinders across this area and are able to travel to your location.